We’re all looking for a home, a story, an anchor in the midst of breathtakingly fast imagery, opinions and ratings. Dreams and reality, wishes and coercion, desire and insight lay the foundation for human passion. We constantly shift between them but how can we stay true to ourselves in the meantime? LIE NING is an artist from Berlin who gives a musical home to this complex bundle of emotions. He is from an environment which likewise changes its face continuously. With his velvety voice, encompassed with faint piano hammers, shimmering electronic elements and racing heartbeats the 22 year old creates a startling yet embracing intimacy. Conveyed by poised confidence and unapologetic openness the songs manage to take a look at the audience’s souls while reflecting what lies dee- pest within an artist who could not be more captivating.

With his EP “traffic songs for the inbetweens” the young singer delivers a debut of impressive maturity, surprising depth and international format. His music is timelessly modern, gently energetic and open-heartedly brainy. Between Indie, Pop, Wave and Disco a bittersweet place of hopeful melancholy, an island within the moloch, a word embedded in silence is created.

What combines every aspect of the broad variety of aesthetics and contents is the key part of his voice which lies over the instruments like a pleasant rain shower. Calmly and confidently it speaks directly to the audience, creating intimacy with strong memorability. The combination of tasteful sounds and outstanding song writing creates an impressive musical quality, that is yet to find its match. LIE NING is off to a promising start.

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