Curly wants what is fun. A lot of that. His debut album "Munchies“ was all about hunger, hunger for food, hunger for fame. Now Curly is one step further. Because hunger does not decrease with money and fame - on the contrary. Now it has to be MORE. Between trap and pop, backpack and Rolex, drive-in and starred restaurant, Curly and his producers create a soundscape where the vibe leaves the audience undecided whether to cruise through the Caribbean on a luxury yacht, alternatively to ride the hills of Hollywood in a white jeep, or otherwise to plunder the delicatessen department in a Supreme Jogger on the top floor of the KaDeWe.

Curly's walls are already adorned wit platinum records for his outstanding songwriting skills, therefore he doesn't need a ghostwriter to take us into his oblique world. With a healthy dose of delusions of grandeur and a cynical wink, he confidently reports on his life. Carrying a swagger looking vainly for its equals in this country. Curly presents his frighteningly casual flow and unique feeling for language, painting abstract pictures like picasso did on ugly gray walls. This album is the logical consequence and further development of an artist, who works day and night on his music, never stands still and knows exactly what he wants - namely everything. Curly doesn't get below that. He would rather die like Elvis than accept solid mediocrity.

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