DAYO is a project of Kraans de Lutin from Berlin (Lea, Harris & Ford, Culcha Candela...), on which he works with various national and international musicians and vocalists. This collection of artists wanders playfully through diverse genres - soul, pop and indie. However DAYO never quite leaves the streets of its hometown Berlin. The first point of call on Dayo's journey was his single "Mockingbirds". The song celebrates the lightness of summer and with its bouncy piano lick and sugary-sweet melodies awaken the hope of an August which will never end. The original version of 'Mockingbirds' by Dayo was a small miracle during the summer of 2019. The song enchanted the viewers of the ViO (bottled water) commercial who begged how they could get hold of it in numerous comments, e-mails, and calls, that the German label gave in and commercially released it. The result was a Top 50 position in the German Shazam charts (#49 Global Shazam Trends).

Half a million streams and a few hours of sunshine later the hype surrounding the song caught the attention of the German DJ shooting stars VIZE. With their singles 'Glad You Came' and 'Stars' they had already achieved several Top Ten chart positions (# 1 iTunes Dance Germany, # 2 Shazam Germany, # 35 Shazam Global) and their tracks had been streamed over 85 million times on Spotify. It all added up perfectly. An exciting remix that carries the unmistakable hit signature of VIZE came into being.

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