There is one constant in Roland Meyer de Voltaire’s life: change. He grew up with German-Bolivian parents in Bonn, Dublin, Moscow, and Beijing. Initially an outsider in most places, he practiced playing the guitar before school until his fingers gave up. Today he’s an obsessive creative, singer, film score producer, songwriter for german and international artists. With his solo project SCHWARZ, he combines cinematic string arrangements and powerful beats with sensitive and self-conscious lyrics. His voice sometimes sounds as smooth as silk and other times as sharp as a razor.

Home is something Roland Meyer de Voltaire has always found in human encounters rather than nations and idealized places. It’s this message that makes his songs as touching as they are. Equally versatile is the scope of his international collaborators reaching from established artist such as Schiller and former Archive member Craig Walker to young and successful DJs like Feder, CMC$, Michael Prado, and the electro producer Robot Koch. Many who meet Roland Meyer de Voltaire find it fascinating how determined he goes his own way. Amongst them is Aljoscha Pause, the perceptive filmmaker known for his Documentaries “Tom Meets Zizou”, “Trainer!” and ,,Inside Borussia Dortmund’’ Pause has accompanied Roland Meyer de Voltaire for the last four years and has released a film about his life as a musician - from the beginnings as head of indie rock band VOLTAIRE with german lyrics to the complex sounds of SCHWARZ.

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